"...our home our lives have changed for the better..."

From the day Ulrike came to our home our lives have changed for the better. A calmness has settled over our pack that has something peaceful in it.

She taught us how our dogs see us and that their reactions are not always what we think. The dog we thought dominant was not and the dog we thought insecure was not. Their roles were in actuality reversed and now we can properly deal their issues which makes them much more relaxed and comfortable in their new role in the pack.

With some simple instructions [and a lot of practice] our outings become much more enjoyable for all of us and that follows through indoors. No more barking and going crazy at every dog they meet but an even tempered pack that follows our lead. After 2 sessions with Ulrike at our home, we're not there yet but every day we see more improvement in how we interact with our dogs and how this effects their behavior throughout the day.

Ulrike, thank you!

- Irma Jonkman with her dogs Zara & Ziba, Leiden

"We are so grateful to Ulrike..."

I met Ulrike while walking our 9-year-old Miniature Pincher, Roux, near the Leidseplein in Amsterdam in September of 2014. Ulrike saw from afar that Roux was struggling with anxiety and she bravely approached us and offered her help. My wife and I can tell you with 100% certainty that hiring this stranger in the street was the best decision we have ever made for Roux and our family!

My wife had hired other trainers to help with Roux with her leash and door aggression but we never saw much, if any, improvement. As Ulrike is not a dog “trainer” but a dog “behaviorist” she was able to observe Roux’s behavior and our reaction to understand Roux’s state of mind and we discovered very quickly that, what we thought were doing to help her, was actually nurturing her state of anxiety.

Ulrike has an amazing ability to diagnosis and most importantly explain what we needed to do to help Roux. After one session with Ulrike, we could see how impactful she was and we signed up for 10 sessions. Her sessions were customized to each visit and we did various exercises to help Roux and grow our understanding of the impact our own energy and actions had on her. One of our favorite learnings from Ulrike is that "your energy is your thoughts", which helped us to realize that our own anxiety was a component to the issue and we had to learn to trust Roux.

This new mindset, being aware of our thoughts (energy) and practicing the exercises that Ulrike gave us, have absolutely transformed Roux into the dog that we always knew was there inside of her.

We are so grateful to Ulrike, we consider her a true friend and now part of our family and we would give the highest possible recommendation to anyone looking for someone to unlock the true potential of their dog.


Roux, Amy & Justin Leavenworth

"It's so nice to understand your dog better..."

Ulrike's approach made something that felt like a huge task into a game where we had fun with our dog and bonded with each other. It's so nice to understand your dog better and to help him feel safe and happy. The only thing that I sometimes think is why did I wait four years!

- Kristel & Michéle Mutsters with their dog Dennis, Amsterdam

You have the magic touch..."

Coco acts even happier after being with you and the pack. Many thanks!

- Michelle Andis with dog Coco, Ouderkerk A/D Amstel

"Ulrike is the real Dutch Dog Whisperer..."

We adopted our Labrador / Rottweiler Jaz from a previous family and it turned out that he had a lot of problems, mainly outdoors. For him, other animals were seen as a threat and Jaz thought that attack was the best defense. From his previous owners we found out that large dogs had attacked Jaz as a pup. Ulrike started working with Jaz and within three sessions, she managed to keep him calm while passing an unknown pit bull. Since then Jaz has had no more issues passing other dogs.

Ulrike has given us valuable ideas to help us better understand Jaz We learnt that the dog language is not comparable to the human language. Now Jaz is much calmer, listens better and is happier. Ulrike was Jaz’s last chance because we were planning to bring him back to the shelter. Thanks to her, this is no longer necessary.

Of course we need to keep training with him, but under Ulrike's guidance it is getting better and better. For us Ulrike is the real Dutch dog whisperer.

- Marjolein Altena with dog Jaz, Den Haag

"Ulrike's compassion and understanding of dogs is evident"

Rocco and I met Ulrike while walking through our neighborhood one evening. I always became nervous when Rocco met other dogs, as his reaction was not always friendly. She assured me that if I relaxed, he would relax and it would all be ok... and it was!
Ulrike's compassion for and understanding of dogs is evident from the first moment you speak with her. Since this meeting, Ulrike has helped us with managing doorbell excitement and riding a bicycle through the streets of Amsterdam!
Rocco developed anxiety after a dog attack and a loud noise in the city, which resulted in a newly developed fear of tunnels. Ulrike was great working with Rocco, myself and my boyfriend to keep him calm and work through his fears.

- Anastasia Warner with dog Rocco, Amsterdam

"The penny dropped for both of us..."

It is really going well with Bruce, he listens very well!
Lately I have been busy and my husband has had heath issues. Therefore I needed to be clearer with Bruce as I did not have as much time for him. The training really worked. Now he is immediately coming to me when I call him and his behavior is great. If other dogs are passing by, I correct him and it works very well. It's like the penny dropped for both of us. I am always in control whenever he tries anything, and he now knows that ‘no’ really means ‘no’. I thought I would share this with you and I want to thank you for everything you have taught us. Your training has certainly contributed to the fact that I could keep Bruce because you kept saying that I needed to change my own attitude and learn to be assertive. I also give both my dogs raw meat now and that may also have had a positive impact on Bruce’s and Bako’s behavior.

- Hilda Van Oosterom with her dogs Bruce & Bako, Holysloot

"Thank you so much for your wisdom..."

Mitzie is doing great. No barking, no biting, just a happy girl.
Thank you so much for your wisdom.
Thank you for teaching me the way of understanding my dog better. I now understand that she is paying attention and that I can trust her.

- Sara Botschuiver with her dog Mitz, Ouderkerk A/D Amstel

"It is the owner who grows on the journey as much as the dog..."

When I picked Bridie up at 8 weeks I knew my responsibility as an owner was to ensure she was safe and secure and well cared for. Only on having her in your life do you begin to realise that it's not just the love and food you give them that will do this. Despite knowing the basics it was Urike's ability to help me understand the subtle signals and personality of Bridie's behaviour that strengthened our bond and helped bring the consistency and structure that she needed. Ulrike is endlessly patient and understanding as a teacher, and it is the owner who grows on the journey as much as the dog. As soon as I met Ulrike she filled me with a feeling of confidence and a belief that I could do this, I'm so grateful we met her and I know that the life that I have with Bridie is a richer and more full fulling one thanks to her coaching and training.

- Claire Parker with her dog Bridie, Amsterdam

"It works perfectly..."

Max is doing wonderfully well. It took us three days of a bit more intensive work but he (and us) are using the chair to stay until he has calmed down. It works perfectly. I think he just needed to know what his space is, since he doesn't have a basket. And I think the couch was simply too far away.
He was on a short holiday with us, and he didn’t t jump up to people at all. He still likes to be the center of attention, but in a nice way.

- Hendrik Jan Bolte & Frank Houtappels with their dog Max, Amsterdam

"Thank you Ulrike for changing our lives for the better..."

Sorry it's so long - I tried to make it shorter, but was unable to, as you've done so much for me!
I have been blessed with two beautiful & I think unique Saluki dogs. However my youngest, Austin was born & spent his first few years growing up, when I lived in the remote countryside. Where he rarely came into contact with other people & never met another dog, apart from his older brother Monkey.

When we relocated back to Amsterdam, as you can imagine, this was a shock & a steep learning curve for Austin, who was seeing not only people & dogs for the first time in his life, but also bicycles, traffic & the general noises & the 'hustle & bustle' of a city - his new home. I, I think like most people, especially someone already with an exceptionally well adjusted older dog in the family, felt it would be just a matter of time & that Austin would, with my guidance and love, just simply learn to adapt to his new life, but, sadly this was not to be the case. Austin grew more and more anxious, was constantly scared of everything about him & it put a significant stress on our entire family life.

But, looking back on things feeling quite ashamed with myself now, knowing what I know now. As I thought, I suppose that this was my lot, so to speak; that this was how Austin was & I of course loved him, but all I could do was accept this very sad & heartbreaking situation. It got to the stage that after being back for over two years he was getting even worse, with no improvement whatsoever & it meant that I was unable to walk Austin for more than 10 minutes at a time. Seriously, it sounds crazy, but he's a very large, strong boy & was frightened & skittish constantly, & the strength required to just simply walk him was enormous, let alone if he saw another dog, when he would literally freak out terrified & go berzerk, absolutely wild.

About 7 months ago I was confronted with being suddenly & unexpectedly deserted by my husband of 20 years. This left me now with 100% responsibility of my boys & as you can imagine in an absolute emotional wreck. Walking Austin was already hard everyday, but during this period & with my fragile state it became the thing I dreaded most about my life - sad to say but true. Basically I couldn't cope & had to face up to it that I desperately needed help & if I was at all a religious person, I would be thanking a god of some sort now, that I began training with Ulrike at Dogrelate. Austin was 5 years old when I began training with Ulrike & I had so many doubts... you can't teach an old dog, etc. which is what my husband had convinced me over the years. But I now know that this is simply not true. It's very hard for me to actually put into words what Ulrike's impact has been on our lives over the past five months. But put simply she has already changed our lives, for the better, far & beyond my wildest dreams - which perhaps sounds, somewhat over-the-top, but in my view, this is not at all an exaggeration. Especially as this change literally began with her first visit! One of the high points to date is that about a month ago I took Austin out, just the two of us, for a 2-hour walk & a lovely walk too! Something I never even dreamt that I would ever achieve. I see improvements with Austin every day & both his & my confidence continues to grow. With Ulrike's expert guidance, patience & I have to mention sheer understanding, non-judgmental kindness, I am now achieving what I thought was impossible.

She has also been paramount in helping me rebalance the new dynamics of my small 'pack'. With my husband, the pack leader suddenly gone, things were in turmoil with both dogs feeling abandoned & confused, & Ulrike gently took me through this, explaining the situation & helping me step-by-step tackle the issue to bring harmony back into the home. In fact a harmony better than what existed before. I feel that although Ulrike's initial & primary task was to help me to achieve a happier, more well rounded & confident Austin, she has in fact gone far and beyond this. She has managed to install confidence in me, in my abilities to lead & control situations calmly, successfully. I now have a much clearer understanding of my boys, their personalities, interaction with each other & ultimately their needs, which has resulted in also a happier me - so thank you Ulrike for changing our lives for the better!

I therefore have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending the unique and expert services of Dogrelate and Ulrike to any and every dog owner. Even if you feel that you already maintain a good relationship with your pet, I truly believe that with Ulrike's intervention, that it can be even a happier one!

- Addie Elliot-Vassie with her dogs Austin & Monkey, Amsterdam

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